E-portfolios for Learner Pathways

The E-portfolios for Learner Pathways business activity was funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy between July 2012 and 30 June 2013. Prior to that, from 2008, the E-portfolios business activity was funded by the Strategy's predecessor, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Both these activities were overseen by the E-standards Expert Group.

This site contains the outcomes of these activities, including:

  • the VET E-portfolio Roadmap
  • research and case studies
  • the National VET E-portfolio Guidelines for Managers of Learner Information, and
  • the Functional Specifications for E-portfolio Developers and Implementers.

Funding for the e-portfolio activities ceased in June 2013, and as a result some of the desired outcomes of the VET E-portfolio Roadmap have not been achieved to date.

Project Outcomes

This diagram represents the relationship between the nine roadmap goals and the three intended outcomes of the National VET E-portfolio Roadmap: National Guidelines, Functional Specifications, and Embedding Strategies.

The project produced the VET E-portfolios Roadmap to enable the development of a national e-portfolio based approach to recognition of learning. The Roadmap is a national strategic planning tool and informs the development of:

The Roadmap defines nine areas that need to be considered for a successful e-portfolio implementation. Those areas—termed "goals" in the Roadmap—required national collaborative investigation to enable optimal standards-based use of e-portfolios in the VET sector. The nine Roadmap goals are:

  • portability
  • infrastructure
  • transitions
  • verification
  • ownership
  • embedding
  • privacy
  • access control, and
  • storage

The E-portfolio for Learner Pathways and E-portfolios business activities undertook a wide breadth of research, developed case studies and funded trial projects. These projects were undertaken in order to define appropriate actions to adequately address each goal.